Thursday, June 18, 2009

Egg/Embryo Update

So, I got the call from my nurse letting me know what the status was on my eggs yesterday and the embryos today.

They were actually able to retrieve 16 eggs, and let me tell ya...I am feeling some pain from the extraction - ouch! Out of the 16 eggs only 10 were mature. Go Doc (he totally guessed 10)! So out of the 10 mature eggs, sadly only 6 fertilized (all with the help of our little friend ICSI).

Ugh! 6 little embryos. Some of you may think - wow! 6 is great. But let me break it down for ya. I have 6 today - only about half tend to make it to day 3 (Saturday), out of those...only about half (if that many) will make it to day 5, which is my transfer day. That means I will Maybe, Maybe have 1 embryo on transfer day of which the quality is yet to be determined. Please don't think I am getting down and being all negative and's just, being through this several times before has made me face the reality of the situation. I will most likely be using my frosties.

On to other things...I have a new pill/shot regimen: I now get to have the big fatty-mcfatterson progesterone shot in my backside/hip area on a nightly basis. I also take doxycyclene (pill) twice a day, medrol (pill) once a day, and my prenatal vitamin.

I also have a new one...well, not actually new. I took it during my frozen cycle, but haven't taken it for a fresh cycle. Ok, so I'm taking Estrace 2 Mg (pill taken orally) and 1Mg (pill inserted into the va-jay-jay). Yep, you heard right. I get to stick a pill "deep" (as the nurse described to me) into my lady area every night before bed. The Doc thinks adding the Estrace will help with the implantation. Bring it on - anything to help at this point is welcome.

I have my last acupuncture appointment tonight. I am kind of sad that this is the last one, because I really enjoyed my time there. My acupuncture person told me that if this doesn't work out, I should start acupuncture again, and next time she will mix in Chinese herbs. I am considering this, as I've tried everything else under the moon, and frankly the acupuncture relaxes me to a point I haven't been at for years so if anything. at least I'll get that benefit.

Oh, and did I mention I am feeling the pain from yesterday. I don't know if I didn't sit still enough yesterday or what, but my tummy hurts. And last night I had to get up to use the bathroom and I must have been sleeping in a balled up position because when I straightened out to stand up, I cried from the pain. Today it is a little better, but still not lovin' how I'm feeling.

I would have stayed home and rested today but the lovely University I work for has decided that instead of sending out our lay-off letters, the Deans would hand deliver them to us and have a private meeting with each person. Mandatory Meeting. Today. So in to work I dragged myself, just so I can get "officially laid off". Today sucks! I do have 6 months left and just found out that I am 99% going to have my job extended for one full year and if we can find grants we can transition into a self-sustaining unit - but it still sucks to lose your job to budget cuts regardless.

I am having a little pity party apparentally...won't you join me?

I will update on Saturday with news of my acupuncture and the update on the embies.

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