Monday, June 15, 2009

Trigger shot tonight

That's right...tonight I don't have to give any of my other shots. Instead, Bobby will give me my trigger shot. This shot is high dose HCG and it basically triggers ovulation 30-some hours after you give it. I was instructed to give mine at 11pm, which means my retrieval will be at 10am on Wednesday.

The great news about this is that I don't have to have any shots tomorrow, which also happens to be my anniversary. Awesome. We could actually go to dinner without me having to excuse myself to give shots in some restaurant bathroom stall - woo hoo!

The kind of sucky thing is that I had to cancel my Wed. acupuncture appt. So I will only have one more acupuncture before my transfer. Aw well, I gave it my best shot and hopefully the appointments I have had so far will prove to be beneficial.

Ok, so let's talk follicles. Sadly my left ovary has decided to stop working. Poor little bugger just didn't have it in him for the long haul. None of the follicles on the left have grown. Boo to that!

The righty was doing ok. Still a slow grower - none of the follicles are where the doc wants them to be but we can't push them anymore so it looks like they are as good as they will get. He told me they were aiming for 20 follicles total and I will probably end up with between 5 to 10. Which of course means less eggs, and possibly no mature eggs. You would think at this point I would be freaking out, but my saving grace is having all of the little frozen embryos. I know that no matter what, we will be transferring good embryos, and at this point that feels pretty good.

I am pretty tired this week. Driving back and forth to Spokane everyday wears on me - which in turn has made me sort of stupid. I have been forgetful, um...I forgot that I talked to my sister in what I can only conclude was a pretty in depth conversation and I've also been a bit clumsy...walking into doors and such. But honestly, that is about it for the side effects.

Oh, and I have a new little tip that I read online...apparently pineapple (mainly the core) is supposed to be very helpful in the implantation process. I am going to confirm this webformation (that's a little term I like to use regarding information I find on the web) tomorrow at my appt. But hey, I like pineapple so if it will help even a little, then serve me up some yummy fruity goodness :-)

Ok, here's the rest of week:
- Ultrasound and labs tomorrow to confirm I am still on track for retrieval and to rest assured that my body hasn't decided to spontaneously decided to ovulate
- Tomorrow night is freedom from shots or anything IVF related
- Wednesday morning is up to Spokane by 7:30 so Bobby can make his big debut in this lovely production, then probably breakfast for Bobby while I talk about how hungry I am because I can't eat but let him eat in front of me anyway because we are in Spokane so stinking early that nothing else is open and we have time to kill. Then back to the Dr office by 9am so they can get the iv in and wheel me in for my 10am retrieval.
- Wed. night starts my progesterone shots (yep the big huge ones that I really don't care for)

I will update tomorrow after my appointment, 'till then....


Kymberli said...

I hope that tomorrow's retrieval goes well and that despite lefty pooping out on you, the right ovary will provide lots of healthy, mature eggs!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! Just need to keep thinking positive thoughts :-)