Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cupping and other such things...

Ok, the cupping actually has to do with my acupuncture appt. but first I will give the deets on my dr. appointment.

Monday I got the call from my nurse that everything was going ok and to keep up with my same dosages/shots. So no news there. Today I had another appointment in Spokane, and it was nice because my friend Nicole was there (yay!). We didn't get to talk too long unfortunately, but still, it was nice to see a friendly face.

Anyway, at my appointment, the Dr. was doing my ultrasound and hemmed and hawed (never a good sign, I have learned). He said my endometrium was finally starting to build up (good) but I only had one follicle on my right ovary that measured over 11 and they all should be measuring over 11 by today (not so good). He asked me why I always had to cause him trouble, and I told him I was just trying to keep him on his toes. (*fake laugh by the doc here) He said we would wait and see what my bloodwork looks like and that I would get instructions from my nurse. Since this isn't my first go-a-round I knew that when my nurse called she would instruct me to up the dosage of my follistum, I just wasn't sure by how much. Oh, but the great news is it looks like my right ovary is back in the game and just might produce some mighty fine eggs :-)

When my nurse called (actually it wasn't my nurse, it was another nurse Debbie - but that's ok by me and not really important to this story in anyway, shape or form) anywho, when she called, I was in my acupuncture appt. so she left me a msg. and told me to up the dosage of my follistum (who's a smarty pants?) to 50, and leave my other dosages the same. Looks like more hormones for me. (*sigh)

Now onto my acupuncture, which I must say has piqued quite the interest with people.

Last night I went in and she did the normal, look at my tongue, take my pulse thing. Then I layed down and she put the needles in. I had a few different spots this time. She pressed really hard on the upper cartilage of my ear and I yelped so she stuck a needle in there and told me that was a pressure point for my uterus. I told her that my uterus must hurt because that didn't feel great (poor uterus has been through so much). On my other ear/uterus point, she placed this seed pod. A seed pod is a seed on this sticky tape-like-thing. She told me to massage it gently every now and then and she would take it off the next day. Pretty basic appointment.

Today I went back for my second appointment of acupuncture this week. This one was a little different. I layed down and she was asking about my stress. I said I felt pretty good, but I might be under a little stress. Then she asked me to lay on my side and she felt all the muscle in my back and shoulders. She told me that my muscles were hard as rocks and she wanted to try cupping before we inserted the needles. Um, cupping? Is that anything like spooning, 'cause I'm good thanks.... She had me sit in a chair with my head resting on a pillow on a table in front of me. (oh, I had to take off my shirt, and at this point I still had no idea what cupping was - aren't I trusting?). Then she proceeded to place about 8 small glass cups on my back and shoulders, and as she placed them, she used this suction thingy to suck all the air out of the cups so they were suctioned cupped to my body - can you say weird?

I have to say the cupping wasn't first. It felt like you had a really bad sunburn and someone came up and scratched you over and know that kind of burning/stinging/ouchiness? Well that's what it felt like for the first few minutes. Then that went away and suddenly there was a really warm sensation that was happening. I was just starting to fall asleep when she came in and told me it was time to remove the cups - ah, well. She did say that I might have mild bruising on some spots. That will be a fun one to explain (lol).
Anyway, she proceeded with my acupuncture, I had a nice little nappy, and before I left she placed a seed pod in the other ear.
Here is a pic of the cupping - these aren't ouchy bruises. more like temporary hickies :-)
Upcoming events for me: Doc. appt on Friday in Spokane, then another one on Sunday. Retrieval is set for Tuesday, then acupuncture on Wed. and Thursday. Man this round of IVF is going by really fast (and I'm not complaining!).


Cameo said...

Jen, I confess, I have not tuned in for a few months. I think I figured nothing was happening until June so now I see I have some catch up. I am STILL a loyal follower though. I am so excited to hear that you are doing acupuncture! I really believe in a lot of these alternative medicines and am so anxious to keep reading up on what you think of it! Love, Cameo

Nicole said...

Wow! I'm not sure about cupping...looks awful! Your acupuncturist obviously is more informed than mine was because she is doing some really neat techniques with you.

Jennifer said...

I know, everyone is freaked out by the cupping. But honestly it is like having a big hickey. It doesn't hurt and will go away in a day or so. Nicole, I can give you the name of my acupuncture person if you are interested. She is super!